Women in Project Management: Natalie Steck

Today, I interview Natalie Steck (President and CEO of Viewpath), It’s not often that I get to speak with too many female CEOs, so it was great to learn more about Natalie’s past and her thoughts about the future of project management software.
Natalie, how did your journey get you started in project management?
Natalie SteckI have been involved with project management my entire career, focusing on sales and marketing, but more specifically in 2012 when I was required to set up the US operations of an Australian-based technology company.
What is your current job?
Viewpath, a SaaS company that makes intuitive project management software, is currently my position as President and CEO. Viewpath has been my home for 5 months and I love it! My team and the product are great.
Prior to that, my previous roles included global head of marketing and sales for Qorus Software, a SaaS company, and Logic 20/20, a consulting firm. I moved from Melbourne, Australia to Seattle in 2012, and now call Seattle my home.
Although I have never been to Seattle, I would love to. Although the number of women who are CEOs is increasing, it is still very exclusive. Are there many women who are CEOs at industry events?
I am seeing a growing number of female CEO’s. In fact, I have been introduced to many networks of female entrepreneurs and leaders in tech.
This encourages me because I believe women are great leaders.
Yes, I agree! What advice would you give women who want to be in your position?
I mentor many people, both men and women. I am also involved in many female-only entrepreneurial groups and community groups.

My foundational advice remains the same. First, work hard. Give it all, no matter what you do. Consistency is the best way to show your hard work.
Second, be true to yourself. A square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole. Determine your strengths, passions, and motivating factors and create a plan to get there. A mentor can be invaluable in this regard.
Last but not least, be who you claim to be. People who are honest, open-minded, and genuine are the people I gravitate to, and those who gravitate to me. These are the people who truly want to see others succeed.
These are wise words. We are grateful. Let’s talk about trends in project management software. What are you seeing?
The industry of project management SaaS is expected to grow to $4.6B by 2020. Around 70% of companies will also shift to SaaS during this time.
We are aware of several trends in artificial intelligence, hybrid methods, analytics, and API integration. Viewpath intends to stay on the cutting edge of many of these emerging trends.
Okay, tell me about the next steps for Viewpath. What are you working on?
Viewpath is in exciting times. In fact, we launched our long-awaited and eagerly awaited 4.0 product this week. It’s a great time to revolutionize the project management landscape, and that’s exactly why we are here at Viewpath.
Our 4.0 application features the best user interface that we have ever made. Customers have asked for features and functionality such as resource planning, reporting, and versioning.
We plan to make this tool so practical that every project manager around the world will want it.

That’s a great goal! What are your top tips to help people choose project management software?
Before launching new software, I recommend that clients conduct a thorough system requirement gathering process internally. This will allow them to clearly define their needs, their use cases and their budget. Many of our customers have found us to be very helpful in determining their requirements.
Ask the provider to demonstrate the product to your satisfaction. Viewpath offers as many demonstrations as customers request. It is important to read customer reviews.