The Future of Project Management Skills

While project managers may disagree about their preferred methods or whether soft or technical skills are more important, there is no denying the importance of project management skills in the future workforce. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), employers will need 87.7 millions project-oriented workers by 2027. There are many reasons to be a project manager now, including increased opportunities for women, more flexible implementation methods, and a very attractive pay package for certified PM’s.

The talent gap: What, where, and how wide is it?
Employers will face a problem with the projected high demand for project managers. Due in part to the retirement of certain professionals, there will be an increase in demand for these skilled workers. What does this mean for project-people who are interested? There are many jobs that will suit your talents, which is a very promising result. The U.S. healthcare sector alone is expected to see a 17% increase in the number of project-oriented jobs. Other sectors that are leading in job openings include finance, IT, publishing, and insurance.

But how will it look?
Anyone who has ever been involved in project management (or read about current methodologies) will know that agile is the future of project management. This will allow you to combine best practices from different methodologies and adapt them to your company. Agile is flexible by its very nature. This will allow you to adjust and deliver projects in a more sequential, structured manner than waterfall. Project managers can expect to have their day-today tasks made easier by wearable technology, which will promote productivity and good health, and the increased use of AI to automate tasks. This great post by ITIL Training explains more about how Artificial Intelligence will impact the Project Management Office.

#WiPM (Women in Project Management).
For a long time, the gender gap in project management-focused roles between men and women has been a solid 70 to 30 ratio (in favor of men). According to the APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017, the number female project managers is now twice as many as the men. To find a growing community of female project managers learning and working in this industry, you only need to hop on Twitter and look for hashtags such as #WiPM. What are the benefits for women in project management? It’s not only rewarding work, but also the increasing demand for project managers and the variety of positions available. We will get to the next point.

Enough talking, show me the money
Although project management is not an easy job, you can expect to be rewarded with more than just job satisfaction and new challenges. The average wage for project management-based workers was 82% higher than that of those in other roles and industries. 70% of respondents to PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey 2017 reported an increase in total compensation within the last 12 months. The survey also revealed that PMP certificate holders have an average 23% higher median salary.

It’s a great time to be a project manager. There is a lot of opportunity for new ideas and people to enter the industry, which is why it is growing rapidly. It is clear that becoming PMP certified will increase your chances of getting into the industry and increasing your income. Click here to learn more about PMP certification and to get certified today.