How to succeed in remote project management

Working remotely offers unique benefits. Remote employees can work anywhere, contribute to the environment by not having to commute, have more time for themselves and save money on rent and utilities.
Remote work can also present challenges. It can be extremely difficult to work in the cloud with people that are often on the other side of the globe. Remote work has made project management a crucial aspect. Knowing how to manage it can make or break your team’s success.
Communication is key
Communication is key to project management in a traditional office setting. Communicating clearly with everyone in the office about tasks, details, and deadlines will make it easier for you (presumably as the project manager) to do your job. Remote environments often require you to use text (and audio and video) to communicate your thoughts.
It is common for things to get misunderstood in practice. As a result, your remote team may not meet deadlines or complete their task according to your instructions. The problem is often that project managers don’t communicate their thoughts clearly.
Don’t assume you know everything as a remote project manager. Make sure to write down all the information that each stakeholder needs and that every task has clear instructions. Your team may not have all the answers if they don’t ask questions.
A team chat app is a great tool for remote teams. Email is a great way to communicate with your remote team, but it is slow and not as efficient as a team chat app.
Learn how to wrestle in time zones
Joe has just been assigned a task, but Joe is currently in Beijing and won’t see your message for 12 hours. Dan, however, needs Joe’s input in order to get started on something before your shift ends. How can you handle such a situation? Is there a way to fight time zones?
A common way that distributed and large remote teams can solve the problem of time zones is to assign a time frame during which everyone should be available for communication or work. This usually involves 2-3 hours overlap. This makes communication easier for all involved and allows for flexibility in time scheduling.
Remember to keep your time zones in mind when you assign new tasks, especially if they are urgent.
A project management app is not necessary.
There are only a few areas in SaaS that are extremely competitive. One of these is project management. There are many project management apps available. All of them do the same job. They allow you to assign tasks and track stakeholders. This large number of options could be seen as a burden at first, but it is actually a benefit to you and your company.
You don’t have to settle for Asana or Trello and call it a day. There are many options. You can find project management tools that are tailored to your specific needs and use them 100% easily.
There are many project management tools available for developers, writers, data scientists, and designers. Instead of trying to adapt major PM tools like Trello to meet your needs, you can find a tool that suits your needs straight out of the box.
Wrapping up
Although managing remote teams can seem difficult, it is possible with the right communication channels and the right tools to make it just as easy as managing an office team. Remote work has many benefits. The future of work will be remote. It’s up to us as individuals to adapt to this reality.
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